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Our Services

At Home Sweet Home Inspections, we are constantly trying to improve, upgrade, and diversify our services so that our clients can have all the information they need without having to utilize multiple companies. Below are the services that we currently offer for our clients. For more information, or a quick, customized quote, submit your info or give us a quick call today!

Home Inspection

We inspect the major systems of the house, including the roof, exterior, structure, electrical, heating, cooling, plumbing, insulation, and interior. We also test all standard appliances. Our goal is to identify any existing major problems so a potential buyer can make an informed decision.

Our inspectors carry multiple licenses and certifications to ensure we can provide the best service and remain up to date with home building techniques. These include certifications by the American Society of Home Inspectors, as well as licensure in Maryland and Virginia. To view our individual certifications, click here.


Radon Testing

Radon is a carcinogenic, radioactive gas. It is unable to be seen, smelled, or tasted. The source of radon is naturally occurring and is produced as a daughter product of radioactive decay associated with radium and uranium deposits. It can migrate into structures via basements, crawl spaces, cracks in foundation slabs, and/or preferential pathways created by utility perforations in slab on grade structures. The EPA’s recommended action level is four picocuries per liter (or 4 pCi/L).

Home Sweet Home Inspections has been certified by the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB) to the highest levels. These include having a Radon Measurement Specialist, as well as having an Accredited Radon Laboratory.

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